• Re-integration of ex-offenders

      Burns, G.; McCall, A.; Loucks, N.; Lyner, O.; Sullivan, T.; Nelissen, P.Ph.; Rieple, A.; Hoogenboom, F.; Hakkert, A.; Courakis, N. (WODC, 1998)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. George Burns - A Perspective on Policy and Practice in the Re-Integration of Offenders 2. Andrew McCall - Meeting the Offender Re-Integration Challenge 3. Nancy Loucks, Olwen Lyner and Tom Sullivan - The Employment of People with Criminal Records in the European Union 4. Peter Ph. Nelissen - The Re-Integration Process from the Perspective of Prisoners: Opinions, Perceived Value and Participation 5. Alison Rieple - Offenders and Entrepreneurship 6. Fred Hoogenboom - Effective Detention: the Development of a Policy 7. Current issues: Alfred Hakkert - No More Excuses: A New Approach to Tackling Youth Crime in England and Wales; a Summary 8. Nestor Courakis - Football Violence not only a British Problem 9. Crime institute profile: Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Criminology, Budapest