• Community Justice and Community Policing

      Gramckow, H.; Wyvekens, A.; Boutellier, H.; Goris, P.; Aronowitz, A.A.; Jansen, F.E.; Bruinsma, G.J.N.; Tutt, N.; Dubois, P.; Normandeau, A.; et al. (WODC, 1997)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Heike Gramckow - Community prosecution in the United States 3. Anne Wyvekens - Mediation and proximity; community justice centres in Lyons, France 4. Hans Boutellier - Right to the community; neighbourhood justice in the Netherlands 5. Peter Goris - Justice closer to communities; two tracks in Belgian justice policy 6. Alexis A. Aronowitz - Progress in community policing 7. Frederik E. Jansen and Gerben J.N. Bruinsma - Community policing of organized crime: a new direction 8. Norman Tutt - Restorative justice in practice 9. Pierre Dubois and André Normandeau - Professional community policing in Canada: a new social contract 10. Lode Walgrave - Declaration of Leuven 11. Crime institute profile - Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology