• Crime Prevention by Early Intervention

      Le Blanc, M.; Tremblay, R.E.; Craig, W.M.; Farrington, D.P.; Doreleijers, Th.A.H.; Moser, F.; Rollet, C.; Junger-Tas, J.; Tutt, N.; Ierland (WODC, 1997)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Marc Le Blanc - Identification of potential juvenile offenders 3. Richard E. Tremblay and Wendy M. Craig - Developmental juvenile delinquency prevention 4. David P. Farrington - Early prediction of violent and non-violent youthful offending 5. Françoise Moser and Theo A.H. Doreleijers - An explorative study of juvenile delinquents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 6. Catherine Rollet - The early intervention of juvenile crime: some historical landmarks 7. Josine Junger-Tas - The future of a preventive policy towards juveniles 8. Norman Tutt - Home and away: a new social policy for children in Ireland 9. Crime institute profile - WODC