• Restorative Justice and Mediation

      Boutellier, J.C.J.; Marshall, T.F.; Dinkel, F.; Walgrave, L.; Aertsen, I.; Dullum, J.; Zandbergen, A.; Lopez, M.J.J.; Bequai, A. (WODC, 1996)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. J.C.J.Boutellier - Beyond the criminal justice paradox; Alternatives between law and morality 3. T.F. Marshall - The evolution of restorative justice in Britain 4. F. Dinkel - Töter-Opfer-Ausgleich; German experiences with mediation in a European perspective 5. L. Walgrave and I. Aertsen - Reintegrative shaming and restorative justice; Interchangeable, complementary or different? 6. J. Dullum - The Norwegian mediation boards 7. A. Zandbergen - Shaming in a Dutch diversion project 8. Manuel J.J. Lopez - Crime prevention within metro systems; 9. A. Bequai Cyber crime: the US experience; 10. Penal justice information from France (CESDIP) 11. Crime institute profile: Institute of Justice, Warsaw, Poland