• Developments in the Use of Prisons

      Stern, V.; Tonry, M.; Kuhn, A.; Reitz, K.R.; Ryan, M.; Lösel, F.; Netburg, C.J. van; Kruissink, M. (WODC, 1996)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. V. Stern - Mass incarceration: 'a sin against the future'? 3. M. Tonry - Controlling prison population size 4. A. Kuhn - Incarceration rates: Europe versus USA 5. K.R. Reitz - The American experiment; crime reduction through prison growth 6. M. Ryan - Private prisons; contexts, performance and issues 7. F. Lösel - Changing patterns in the use of prisons; an evidence-based perspective 8. Ex-prisoners and the labour-market - a literature review - C.J. van Netburg; 9. Policing and change - a book review by M. Kruissink 10. International conference on restorative justice for juveniles 11. Crime institute profile: National Research Institute of Legal Policy, Finland