• Crime and Justice in the City

      Dijk, J.J.M. van; Kesteren, J. van; Ekblom, P.; Limbergen, K. van; Faget, J.; Wyvekens, A.; Kaplan, C.D.; Leuw, Ed.; Blad, J.R.; Bunyan, T.; et al. (WODC, 1996)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editiorial 2. J.J.M. van Dijk and J. van Kesteren - Criminal victimization in European cities; some results of the international Crime Victim Survey 3. P. Ekblom - Safer cities and residential burglary; a summary of evaluation results 4. K. van Limbergen - Belgian security policy prior to and after November 23, 1991 5. J. Faget and A. Wyvekens - Urban policy and proximity justice in France 6. C.D. Kaplan and E. Leuw - A tale of two cities; drug policy instruments and city networks in the European Union 7. J.R. Blad - Neighbourhood-centred conflict mediation; the San Francisco example 8. T. Bunyan - Statewatch on the Europol Convention 9. Continuity and change; Dutch drug policy in the years to come 10. Organized crime finances in Eastern Europe; a comment on vol. 3, nr. 4, 1995 by N. Ridley Crime institute profile: the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention