• Crime environments and situational prevention

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      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. P. Brantingham and P. Brantingham - Criminality of place: crime generators and crime attractors 3. N. Tilley - Seeing off the danger: threat, surveillance and modes of protection 4. R.M. Titus - Activity theory and the victim 5. P. Cromwell, R. Dunham, R. Akers and L. Lanza-Kaduce - Routine activities and social control in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe 6. M. Mattson and G. Rengert - Danger, distance, and desirabiliby: perceptions of inner city neighbourhoods 7. R. Hesseling - Theft from cars: reduced or displaced? 8. A. Hirschfield, K.J. Bowers and P.J.B. Brown - Exploring relations between- crime and disadvantage on Merseyside 9. T. Bennett - Identifying, explaining, and targeting burglary 'hot spots' 10. V. Jammers - Commercial robbery in the Netherlands: crime analysis in practice 11. M. Natarajan, R.V. Clarke and B.D. Johnson - Telephones as facilitators of drug dealing: a research agenda 12. Crime institute profile: Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law in Llubljana, Slovenia