• Corruption and Corporate Crime

      Huberts, L.; Savona, E.U.; Gleason, G.; Vagg, J.; Punch, M.; Garsse, L. van; Garsse, L. van; Aertsen, I.; Peters, T.; Gramckow, H.; et al. (WODC, 1995)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Western Europe and public corruption: expert views on attention, extent and strategies - L. Huberts 3. Beyond criminal law in devising anticorruption policies: lessons from the Italian experience - E.U. Savona 4. Corruption, decolonization and development in Central Asia - G. Gleason 5. A fragmented organizational approach to fraud in a European context: the case of the United Kingdom public sector - A. Doig 6. Anti-fraud coordination in the EU 7. The policing of signs: trademark infringement and law enforcement - J. Vagg 8. (g.b.h.) Grievous business harm: exploring corporate violence - M. Punch 9. L. van Garsse, I. Aertsen and T. Peters on the (in)compatability of insurance and mediation; 9. Gramckow on comunity prosecution in the US and its relevance for Europe 10. Crime institute profile: Willem Pompe Penology Institute, University of Utrecht