• Insurance and Crime

      Lemaître, A.; Litton, R.; Niemi, H.; Spencer, J.; Ward, D.; Bacher, J.-L. (WODC, 1995)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial, 2. The role of the insurance industry in piloting private sector security and prevention policy - A. Lemaître 3. Crime and insurance: a functional approach - R. Arnold 4. Moral hazard and insurance fraud - R. Litton 5. Insurance fraud - H. Niemi 6. Economics, crime and the market: the role of household content insurance - J. Spencer and D. Ward 7. Insurance, fraud and justice - J.-L. Bacher 8. The potential value of international comparisons; 9. The future VAT system in the European Union 10. Crime institute profile: Centre for Penal and Criminological Research (CPCR), Section of Penal Sciences, University of Athens