• Innovations in Criminal Justice Research

      Joutsen, M.; Wetzels, P.; Ohlemacher, T.; Pfeiffer, C.; Strobl, R.; Mayhew, P.; Kury, H.; Rihs-Middel, M.; Kreuzer, A.; Tournier, P.; et al. (WODC, 1994)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. A report on the Fourth colloquium on crime and criminal policy in Europe - M. Joutsen 3. Victimization surveys: recent developments and perspectives - P. Wetzels, T. Ohlemacher, C. Pfeiffer and R. Strobl 4. Comment on 'Victimization surveys' - P. Mayhew 5. the influence of the specific formulation of questions on the results of victim studies - H. Kury 6. Medical prescription of narcotics in Switzerland: basic issues and research plan - M. Rihs-Middel 7. Comment on 'Medical prescription' - A. Kreuzer 8. The custodial crisis in Europe: inflated prison populations and possible alternatives - P. Tournier 9. What can we do about prison overcrowding? - A. Kuhn 10. Overcrowding - not the only crisis in the custodial system - K. Sessar 11. Varia: M. Joutsen on the Fourth United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice System; 12. K. Boers on crime, fear of crime and social transition in Germany; 13. E. Leuw on two 'Occasional papers' 14. Crime institute profile: Research Unit on Criminology and Criminal Investigation within the Federal Criminal Police Office