• Ethnic Prejudice and Violence

      Swaan, A. de; Halman, L.; Aronowitz, A.; Schokkenbroek, J.; Fekete, L.; Webber, F. (WODC, 1994)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editiorial 2. State of outrage: the fading line between waging war and fighting crime - A. de Swaan 3. Variations in tollerance levels in Europe: evidence from the Eurobarometers and European Values Study - L. Halman 4. A comparative study of hate crime: legislative, judicial and social responses in Germany and the United States - A. Aronowitz 5. Protection of national minorities: current standard-setting activities and other measures of the Council of Europe - J. Schokkenbroek 6. Vienna declaration: Council of Europe Summit 7. Country summaries - L. Fekete and F. Webber 8. Varia: Race, ethnicity and criminal justice - an international perspective; 9. The international self-report delinquency study 10. Crime Institute Profile: Institute of Criminology, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen