• Juvenile Justice System

      Tutt, N.; Klein, M.; Doek, J.; Walgrave, L.; Junger-Tas, J.; Albrecht, H.-J.; Marek, A. (WODC, 1994)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Youth justice - crisis or opportunity? - N. Tutt 3. American juvenile justice: method and madness - M. Klein 4. The juvenile court: an endangered species? - J. Doek 5. Beyond rehabilitation: in search of a constructive alternative in the judicial response to juvenile crime - L. Walgrave 6. Will the juvenile justice system survive? - J. Junger-Tas 7. Varia: A. Marek on organized crime in Poland: how to combat it? 8. H.-J. Albrecht on sentencing and disparity - a comparative study; 9. International bibliography of J. Junger-Tas 10. Crime institute profile: School of Forensic Science and Criminology