• Consistency in Sentencing

      Ashworth, A.; Killias, M.; Kommer, M.; Junger-Tas, J.; Jareborg, N.; Snacken, S.; Beyens, K.; Bunt, H. van de; Heuvel, E. van den; Dashkov, G.; et al. (WODC, 1994)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Towards European sentencing standards - A. Ashworth 3. Recommendation No. R (92) 17 4. Sentencing reform - from rhetorics to reducing sentencing disparity - M. Killias 5. Punitiveness in Europe - a comparison - M. Kommer 6. Alternative sanctions: myth and reality - J. Junger-Tas 7. The Swedish sentencing law - N. Jareborg 8. Sentencing and prison overcrowding - S. Snacken and K. Beyens 9. Varia: H. van de Bunt and E. van den Heuvel on the European Documentation and Research Network; 10. Dashkov on changes in Russia - influences on crime; 11. W. Häseker on foreign relations of the 'Polizei-Führungsakademie'; 12. E. van den Heuvel about a book on police cooperation in Europe