• Police Cooperation and Private Security

      Woodward, R.; Walker, N.; Holdaway, S.; Wilzing, J.; Mangelaars, F.; Bevers, H.; Ocqueteau, F.; Gönczöl, K.; Rosternsson, M.; Heuvel, E. van den (WODC, 1993)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Establishing Europol - R. Woodward 3. The accountability of European police institutions - N. Walker 4. Modernity, rationality and the baguette: cooperation and the management of policing in Europe - S. Holdaway 5. Where does politics meet practice in establishing Europol? - J. Wilzing and F. Mangelaars 6. Police observation and the 1990 Schengen Convention - H. Bevers 7. Legitimation of the private security sector in France - F. Ocqueteau 8. Varia: K. Gönczöl on the changing face of crime in Hungary; 9. M. Rosternsson on the European Football Championships 1992; 10. E. van den Heuvel about a handbook on the European state 11. Crime Institute's profile: The Research and Planning Unit of the Home Office