• Cross-border Crime

      Killias, M.; Duyne, P.C. van; Levi, M.; Savona, E.U.; Joutsen, M.; Ruyver, B. de; Bruggeman, W.; Zanders, P.; Ruimschotel, D.; Stablová, R.; et al. (WODC, 1993)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Will open borders result in more crime? A criminological statement - M. Killias 4. Organized crime markets in a turbulent Europe - P.C. van Duyne 5. Mafia money-laundering versus Italian legislation - E.U. Savona 6. The extent of cross-border crime in Europe: the view from Britain - M. Levi 7. The potential for the growth of organized crime in Central and Eastern Europe - M. Joutsen 8. Cross-border crime in Belgium - B. de Ruyver, W. Bruggeman and P. Zanders 9. Ambiguities between criminal policy and scientific research: the case of fraud against the EC - D. Ruimschotel 10. Varia: R. Stablová and Z. Kasparová on the actual drug problem in the Czech Republic; 11. Boutellier about another European journal on the crime problem; 12. International congress on cross-border crime and international cooperation 13. Crime Institute's profile: Centre for the Study of Public Order