• Drugs and Crime

      Pearson, G.; Dorn, N.; Grob, P.J.; Eisner, M.; Gonzáles Zorilla, C.; Doorn, J. van; Joutsen, M.; Scherpenzeel, R. (WODC, 1993)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Pharmacology and fashion; the uses and misuses of cultural relativism in drug policy analysis - G. Pearson 3. Subsidiarity, police cooperation and drug enforcement; some structures of policy-making in the EC - N. Dorn 4. The needle park in Zürich; the story and the lesson to be learned - P.J. Grob 5. Policies towards open drug scenes and street crime; the case of the City of Zürich - M. Eisner 6. Drugs and criminal policy in Spain (1982-1992) - C. Gonzáles Zorilla 7. Drug trafficking networks in Europe - J. van Doorn 8. Varia: M. Joutsen on the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme; 9. Scherpenzeel on the UN and computerization of criminal justice information; 10. European Drug Questions; 11. the IXth International Workshop for Juvenile Criminology 12. Crime Institute's profile: Cesdip