• Critical Issues in European Crime Policy

      Joutsen, M.; Junger-Tas, J.; Wiles, P.; Weitekamp, E.; Scheerer, S.; Tsitsoura, A.; Waard, J. de (WODC, 1993)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Legitimation and the limits of the criminal justice system - M. Joutsen 3. Changes in the family and their inpact on criminality - J. Junger-Tas 4. Ghettoization in Europe? - P. Wiles 5. Reparative justice: towards a victim oriented system - E. Weitekamp 6. Political ideologies and drug policy - S. Scheerer 7. Varia: A. Tsitsoura on the Council of Europo; 8. J. de Waard on private security; 9. Ciminological congress in Budapest, 1993; 10. Annual journal on crime and crime prevention 11. Crime institute's profile - Heuni