• The Dutch Collective Settlements Act and Private International Law - aspecten van internationaal privaatrecht in de WCAM

      Lith, H. van (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid, 2010)
      This report analyses the relationship between private international law and collective settlements concluded for the benefit of foreign interested parties under the 2005 Dutch Collective Settlements Act (WCAM). The principal object of the research was to assess the suitability of existing private international law instruments at the national, European and international levels for the application of WCAM in transnational mass damage cases. CONTENT: 1. Introduction 2. International jurisdiction and 'collective settlements' under the WCAM 3. Notification of foreign interested parties 4. Representation of foreign interested parties 5. International recognition 6. Applicable law 7. Conclusions and recommendations