• Illegal Markets and Practices

      Passas, N.; May, T.; Hough, M.; Aronowitz, A.A.; Courakis, N.; Muller, E.R.; Rosenthal, U.; Otten, M.H.P.; Ruitenberg, A.G.W.; Heerschap, H.; et al. (WODC, 2001)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Nikos Passas - False Accounts: Why do Company Statements Often Offer a True and Fair View of Virtual Reality? 3. Tiggey May and Michael Hough - Illegal Dealings: The Impact of Low-level Police Enforcement on Drug Markets 4. Alexis A. Aronowitz - Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings: The Phenomenon, the Markets that Drive it and the Organisations that Promote it 5. Nestor Courakis - Financial Crime Today: Greece as a European Case Study 6. E.R. Muller, U. Rosenthal, M.H.P. Otten, A.G.W. Ruitenberg, H. Heerschap, R. Schellingerhout - Current Issues: Evaluation of the European Championships 2000: Public Order and Safety