• Prevention of organised crime - A situational approach

      Bunt, H.G. van de; Schoot, C.R.A. van der; Huisman, W.; Klerks, P.; Nelen, H.; Lankhorst, F.; Dijken, A. van; Boorsma, J. (WODC, 2003)
      The goal of this analysis is to reveal the interfaces between the legitimate and illegitimate environments and to generate possibillities for preventive action. These indications for possible preventive interventions are called 'red flags' from the four national reports and examines four selected topics in more depth: the role of public administration and local businesses, the legal professions, official and informal financial services, and forged official documents. CONTENT: 1. Introduction - H. van de Bunt and C. van der Schoot 2. 'Red flags' and the measures presented in the national reports - C. van der Schoot 3. The role of public administration and local businesses - W. Huisman and P. Klerks 4. Legal professions - H. Nelen and F. Lankhorst 5. Official and informal financial services - H. van de Bunt and A. van Dijken 6. Forged official documents - J. Boorsma 7. Conclusions and recommendations - H. van de Bunt and C. van der Schoot