• A Century of Juvenile Justice

      Trépanier, j.; Weijers, I.; Schuler-Springorum, H.; Beaulieu, L.; Cesaroni, C.; Giller, H.; Hees, A. van (WODC, 1999)
      ARTICLES: 1. Editorial 2. Jean Trépanier - Juvenile Courts after 100 Years: Past and Present Orientations 3. Ido Weijers - The Double Paradox of Juvenile Justice 4. Horst Schuler-Springorum - Juvenile Justice and the Shift to the Left 5. Lucien Beaulieu and Carla Cesaroni - The Changing Role of the Youth Court Judge 6. Henry Giller - From Centre Stage to Spear Carrier: The Repositioning of the English Juvenile Court 7. Current Issues: Alma van Hees - Halt: Early Prevention and Repression; Recent developments and Research